Doctor Vending LLC


DOCTOR VENDING is a national UAE company that provide for more than 20 years services as operator, maintenance and technology supplier for customers such as administrations, hospitals, healthcare centres, universities, colleges, schools...

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UAE’s New & Used Vending Machine Rental Suppliers of Choice

Where quality products meets exceptional customer service

Regardless of whether it’s for your office, workplace, waiting room, university campus, shopping centre or temporary location, you might be surprised by the difference a snack or coffee vending machine can make. Having a readily accessible source of healthy food or hot drinks on hand is a fantastic means to motivate staff, keep clients happy and occupied whilst they wait for you to attend their needs and to help with general morale. Consider for example, how much more convenient it would be for your staff to grab a bite to healthy eat or hot cup of coffee from the convenience of your office without having to leave the building and waste more of their working day.

We are the leading Rental suppliers of vending machines in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the UAE

Whether for used vending or dispensing machine rental, outright purchase, or a temporary lease, our team can arrange a contract that suits, whether you’re in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or anywhere else throughout the UAE. Our aim is to offer maximum convenience, and this focus is reflected in the flexible nature of our rental packages with healthy options. Choose from a pay per cup, or complete vending package, and enjoy the added service of our trained maintenance specialists. This means that if your new or used machine ever plays up, we can come out to you to repair it straight away.

New and used vending snack and coffee machines delivered to you with healthy items

Conquer those 4:30 hunger pains or early morning yawns once and for all with our range of healthy snack and coffee machines available for your office or workplace. We can deliver and maintain all of our rentals and ensure you’re always stocked up on tasty treats and delicious hot drinks. We even sell all of the necessary coffee beans, so you can ensure you always have enough to go around.

We provide healthy options such as: Healthy Snack, Sugar free, Gluten free, Organic Juices.

For any queries, please feel free to contact the team by calling +971-4-2585444.